The Modern Data Collection Tool
Designed with Teachers in Mind!
  • Save a ton of time!
    Mark many selected students with auto-fill marking
  • Keep track of what you were thinking, mark by mark
  • As many general, student-oriented comments as you want
  • Notes, Homework, Quizzes, Even Field-Trip Lists:
    As many columns as you want and your choice of mark scales
  • Keep Organized
    Sort by mark value or name. Filter by checkbox or name.
  • Expressbook tells you about changes to your class
    (And gives you a few days to finish up his or her marks)
  • It's easy to keep track of how your kids are doing
    Automatic grade-appropriate performance banding
  • Make new gradebooks at the click of a button
    Choose a few kids, Choose a few assignments for marking
    Even choose other teachers to use the new gradebook