The Modern Data Collection Tool
Academic Standards
Expressbook was born to make it easier for people to work together to insure that students have the best possible outcomes. The first thing that's necessary is that everyone know the definition of success. Expressbook has many features allowing district curriculum specialists to easily define the standards against which success will be measured.
Expressbook is designed with the realization that most subjects are taught every year, to each grade level, with activities and performance measures that change as the student achieves mastery. Expressbook treats each subject as one thing that is expressed differently for each grade level.

Instead of entering 'math' six times for six grade levels, in Expressbook it is entered once as a category. Subtopics are entered within the category and measurable activities within those. Every level of the standard is assigned one or more grade levels. Math might be applied to all six grade levels. Number systems just the earliest grades. Geometry to the later ones.

With Expressbook, those are one topic, each with different activities that also might be applied to multiple grades each with performance threshold banding that sets the teachers' expectations for students at each grade level. This makes designing a curriculum a coherent project and insures that teachers understand what it to be taught and what is expected from the students.

It also allows data to be collected in a comprehensive way that is more easily subject to analysis.
The Gradebook
At the end of the day, the point is to get an organized set of activities into the teacher's gradebook for marking. Expressbook makes this easy.
Organized by Specialties
Each class has one or more specialties, eg, Homeroom, Music or Math Help. The teacher assigned to that class has a gradebook for it. The standards and activities marked with corresponding specialties appears in the gradebook if appropriate for that grade level and set to be taught during that term.

Activities can appear in more than one specialty (usually, everything is part of the Homeroom specialty as well as any others). A mark for an Activity for a specific student will appear in all gradebooks referencing that Activity and student.
  • Job One: Organize!
    Different schools, Different initiatives, Group standards so they make sense
  • A Standard is a Group of Activities and Sub-Standards
    Nested as deep as you need.
  • The Main Event: Activities get Marks!
    You can create as many marks scales as needed.
    Marks can also be imported and exported from/to analytics systems.
  • Each Mark Scale supports as many grade levels as needed.
    As many values as you want. Plus, a numeric value for analytics.
    A separate set of performance threshold color bands for every grade!
  • Activities appear in the gradebook when they match
    the specialty, grade level and term of the class.
    EG, This one shows Pre-K Homerooms and Kindergarten Readiness class gradebooks for all three terms.