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Working Together for Students
Delegated Gradebooks
Whether it's team teaching or working with specialists, no student is an island any more and Expressbook is built to help. A teacher can create an ad hoc gradebook from any subset of students in any of his or her gradebooks and any subset of the standards and activities in that gradebook.

That gradebook can be used for personal reasons. It might be useful to segregate students by reading level for marking or just for convenience in some other way. But, in Expressbook, those gradebooks can also be delegated to other teachers for marking.

Perhaps there is a new reading specialist in your school. Working together to evaluate which students would benefit, the Homeroom teacher and the Specialist might agree on a list of children for the new program and standards and activities that will be taught by the specialist.

The Homeroom teacher can select those students, the specific standards and activities and send the resulting gradebook to the Specialist. He or she can use that gradebook to record comments and marks. Those marks are visible to the homeroom and, if appropriate fed to the report card.

If the program has a specific time frame, the new gradebook can be set to expire at the end of the time. Keeping the assessment process under the control of the originating teacher.
  • Select some students. Select some activities. Decide who can use the new list.
    See it in the other teacher's list. And, Voila!, it's a gradebook!
  • Export/Import
    Expressbook can export the marks for any activity into a database or file. The resulting marks are tagged with the student ID and an Activity Export ID. The Activity Export ID is a tag that is expected by the system that will receive the export.

    Expressbook can similarly receive data as an import. The data must be tagged with the student ID and an Activity Import ID. When received, the mark will appear in the gradebook along with all other marks. The only difference is that it can't be changed and is annotated as an import.

    In either case, the external system and Expressbook need to be set up to have corresponding marks scales and, of course, the Student IDs need to be coordinated.