The Modern Data Collection Tool
The Nuts and Bolts of
Making it Work
A Generally Useful Tool
The entire Expressbook system is organized around gradebooks. In fact, there is a district gradebook that refers to every student and every standard in the system. (You can't actually see or use it because it's not practical to show tens of thousands of students in a web browser.)

More practically, the system creates a master gradebook for every school. Typically, there is an admin who has access to the school gradebooks. The system also generates a gradebook for each grade level, too. The admin usually has access to these, too.

Based on these, the school office is able to create gradebooks for many purposes using the same tool that teachers use. They can create special watch lists for the principle. Student committees. Field trips. Each can have comments and special columns to help track the students in the situation.
Specialty Classes
Generally with Expressbook, Homeroom assignments come from the Student Information System. Specialty Classes don't. That leaves each building admin to figure out who is teaching which students music, art, gym, etc. This is a truly laborious process that Expressbook makes easy with an awesome tool that allows the assignment of teachers to groups of students, by the classroom, grade level or school.
The Usual
Of course, Expressbook also provides tools to edit users (though teachers usually come from the SIS) and choose whether their passwords are local or LDAP, assign them to schools, choose roles for them (a different one for each building they work in), disable access to Expressbook.
  • Specialty classes can be based on homerooms, grade levels, school or custom gradebooks.
    You can click 'All' and assign a teacher to every row.
  • Report Cards
    Expressbook integrates with Notify!, our student information reporting system. It supports different report cards for each grade level. For users of our EEPR product, existing report card layouts can be imported. Responding to a lesson we learned with EEPR, the report card print server can run on a separate server to prevent bringing the rest of the system to a halt at the end of the term.