The Modern Data Collection Tool

Expressbook is a comprehensive, school district, gradebook solution that also generates report cards.

Expressbook was created in close collaboration with a committee of teachers. We thought, "Many teachers really like the grading book they have been using for years. They have habits for how it is annotated and how it is organized. It is used for many things other than marking." So, our first goal was to do everything paper grading books do in a way that was so much quicker, easier and cooler so that adoption would be a no-brainer.

We know that one of the main hassles of daily classroom life is following the complicated requirements of the school district's curriculum committee. Entering and organizing the mandatory assessments and activities takes a lot of time and leads to confusion. We wanted Expressbook to take that hassle off the teacher.

Automatically Ready for the Teacher

When a teacher is assigned a homeroom, Expressbook already has every district requirement in place. Of course, teachers can create their own assignments, too.

But, our teachers made clear: grading books are also used to organize field trips, take notes about students, coordinate with specialty teachers, and many other small things. We wanted Expressbook to do that job, too.

Expressbook includes special marks scales that are just text so that teachers can keep track of anything they want about each student. It allows a comment to be added to any mark. New columns can be added for any purpose whatsoever, not just homework.

Easy, Quick Collaboration

Even cooler, though, is that Expressbook allows the selection of some students and the creation of who new temporary 'class' by choosing some or all of the assessments and activities and turning them into a whole new grading book. This new subset of students and assessments can even be delegated to another teacher.

Working with a math specialist? Select the students with the best scores, choose some of the math activities the teacher or district have put into Expressbook for the class, and tell the system that the math specialist can mark those students. Bingo! A convenient way to collaborate with other teachers to insure the best outcomes for students.

The marks are visible to both the homeroom teacher and the specialist. The new list can be set to expire at some date in the future so you don't even have to worry about getting rid of it when its purpose is over. It is incredibly easy to use

District-Teacher Communication

For administration, Expressbook allows the creation of unlimited kinds of marks scales. It has a very efficient class generator that allows the creation of specialty classes derived from homerooms, grade levels or even an entire school. The curriculum editor organizes assessments and activities in an outline-like structure that can go as deep as necessary but still provide a simple experience for the teacher. Each group of assessments and activities can be assigned to multiple grades - with a different mark scale and performance flag set for each.

Connects to Everything!

Expressbook interfaces to most student information systems by way of the the Back to School Data integration product (Integration info HERE). It can exchange data with our Back to School data mining product, Viewpoint (Viewpoint info HERE).

And our Notify! reporting and report card system is included with every installation of Expressbook. That's right, Expressbook includes a full report card output system.

  • Data collection for Educational Assessments
    Expressbook offers a wide range of features to insure efficient, accurate insights into your students' performance.

    The Expressbook standards editor is a marvel of sophisticated flexibility and supports assignment of activities to multiple grades.

    District Standards
    District and Teachers get what they want: Accuracy and Flexibilty       
    Teachers collaborate easily by sharing student lists and activities       
    Analysts, coaches and admins can get reports or look at data in connected systems       
    Create specialty classes, assign teachers, done in a flash       
    Report cards auto-format for each grade       
    The coolest online grade book ever!
    Teachers mark with grace       
  • Once Expressbook has been configured (standards, schools, etc), it receives information about students, teachers and homerooms from a Student Information System. As a result, teachers can log in and see their gradebook. There can be more than one of them, of course, if the teacher has multiple classes.

    At the first use, the teacher sees a list of standards in an outline form and gets to decide what to look at first. He or she chooses a subject and the grade book opens it up into a marking grid.

    The marking grid is the heart of data collection. Each row refers to one student. Each column refers to one activity. At first, the only activities showing are those defined by the district. Some of those are marked mandatory and others are just suggestions or bookkeeping helpers. Soon, the teacher will want to enter homework (or other assessable activities).
  • Marking
    Mark many selected students with auto-fill marking
    Remember 'why' but adding a comment to any mark
    Move activity columns around or hide them for easy access to current topics
    Sort by name and mark value
    'Note' type marks let you organize comments and observations about students
    Create saved filters to organize students into groups
    Make new gradebooks for selected students
    Attach some or all of standards and activities to mark
    Create saved filters to organize students into groups
    Learn More       
  • Expressbook saves time, improves communication and helps teachers do a better job
    Click, Click, Click is Very, Very Quick
    Expressbook's Auto-Fill feature allows entering marks for the entire class in seconds.
    No Hassle Auto-Setup
    Gradebook automatically loads correct standards and activities for the grade level and term.
    District standards are enforced.
    Standards can be marked mandatory. Grade level sensitive performance banding is built into the activity's mark scale.
    Report Cards! Need we say more?
    Specific format for each grade level. Runs on a separate server so grading performance is not affected by report card processing.
    Knowledge is Power!
    Feed your favorite analytics system. (We especially love Viewpoint.)
  • That's Right: iPad
    We looking at you, Coach. And you, Busy Teacher at Home.